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The Polish Missile Crisis

The discovery of a large Russian missile inside Poland has triggered a wave of political recrimination and finger-pointing, even though the blame clearly lies with the defense minister and his allies in the ruling party. Worse, the incident confirms that Poland’s skies are nowhere near as safe as its leaders claim.

Slawomir Sierakowski
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Double-Edged Sword

How to Engage Returnee Networks in Migrant Reintegration
Victoria Rietig
Sophie Meiners

No Time to Lose: How Germany’s Zeitenwende in Defense Can Succeed

Germany has promised to fundamentally change its approach to defense and security. Yet, the policy so far lacks drive, focus, and strategy. Here are some proposals to turn the Zeitenwende into a success.

Dr. Claudia Major
Dr. Christian Mölling
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Dossier: Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, violated international law, shocked the global community, and brought war to Europe – along with fears of a nuclear escalation. In a policy statement three days after that war began, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz referred to the Russian invasion as a turning point in the history of the European continent – and announced a so-called Zeitenwende, a significant turnaround in Germany’s security and defense policy.

This dossier provides an overview of DGAP’s diverse expertise and activities on all aspects of the ongoing conflict.

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