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A European Antidote to Europe
The European Union as a cosmopolitan narrative of modernity
by Ulrich Beck
Europe is not a nation, a state, or an international agency like the United Nations. In order to understand it, we need new concepts. -“Cosmopolitanism” embraces otherness as well as new democratic foms of governance beyond the nation state.
Category: European Union, Western Europe political
An Empire of Law and Consensus
A call for a Europe–and Europeans–beyond the nation-state
by Ulrich Beck
Europe can become neither a state nor a nation–and it won’t. Hence it cannot be thought of in terms of the nation-state. The path to the unification of Europe leads not through uniformity but rather through acknowledgment of its national particularities. Diversity is the very source of Europe’s potential creativity. The solution to national problems lies only in European interaction.
Category: European Union, Globalization, Economy and Finance, Political System, Government and Society, Europe