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The Option to Protect
The criteria for humanitarian intervention have changed since the 1990s
by Richard Herzinger
In Germany, “national interest” is no longer a taboo reason for involvement in military engagements abroad. This gives the debate around humanitarian interventions a new logic. Germany—and the United States too—would do well to think twice about the responsibilities and resources that their interventions abroad ultimately entail.
Category: Humanitarian Intervention, Conflicts and Strategies, Security, International Policy/Relations, Germany, Western Europe, Europe, North America, United States of America
German Self-Definition Against the US
America’s one-time protégé turns against its patron
by Richard Herzinger
Why has the mood in Germany turned so vehemently against the United States? The usual answer is George W. Bush. On closer examination, however, this does not fly. Opposing Bush’s war plans in Iraq did not require siding with France in an outright showdown with the US.
Category: Germany - USA, Transatlantic Relations, History, Government and Society, Military Capacity, Security, Germany, United States of America, Iraq, Afghanistan
Crying Wolf about Antisemitism
by Richard Herzinger
If you shout “Wolf!” too often, people may not listen when the beast is actually at the door. Apathy has already become a widespread European reaction to the topic of antisemitism.
Category: Government and Society, Religion, Worldwide, Islamic world, Near and Middle East/North Africa