Juulia Baer-Bader

Associate Fellow, Robert Bosch Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia

Areas of Expertise

  • Eastern Partnership of the EU, the Baltic states, and the Russian Federation
  • Integration, media, and national minorities in the Baltic region
  • Civil society


English, Russian, Estonian


Email: barthel@af.dgap.org

Juulia Baer-Baderis an Associate Fellow at the Robert Bosch Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia since June 2018. From Oktober 2014 she worked as a Program Officer in the Robert Center. As the central contact person in the Center, Ms. Baer-Baderhas supervised ongoing projects of the Robert Bosch Center. This included the strategic planning of the projects and formats as well as the organisational implementation of the activities. In addition, Ms. Baer-Bader co-conceived and supervised the target-group-oriented public relations work for the Robert Bosch Center. 

Before working at the DGAP she was part of research project on “Conflict and Development” (with a focus on Russia and Central Asia) undertaken at the Freie Universität Berlin. She completed an Blue Book-Traineeship from March to August 2013 at the European Commission Representation in Austria and contributed to the project “EU-Russia Civil Society Forum” in the fall of 2012 on behalf of the German-Russian exchange program Deutsch-Russischen Austausch e.V.

After studying public relations at the University of Tartu in Estonia, she studied in the Freie Universität's Media and Political Communication program.


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Selected Publications

Russia’s Quest for a New Security Order
An audio interview with Pavel Baev
by Juulia Baer-Bader
At the DGAP’s new Strategy Group on Russia and the Eastern Partnership, Pavel Baev (professor at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo) discussed the logic and objectives of Russian security policy. Juulia Barthel (DGAP) spoke with him about what drives Russia’s strategic approach and the resources available to fund its policies. Please click below to listen to the interview.
Category: Security, Russia
Russia’s Policy toward Conflicts in Post-Soviet States
An audio interview with political scientist Sergey Markedonov
by Juulia Baer-Bader
Russian political scientist Sergey Markedonov (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) spoke with the DGAP’s Juulia Barthel (of the Robert Bosch Center’s program for Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia) about Russia’s policy toward various conflicts in post-Soviet states, particularly in the Caucasus, and about possibilities for closer cooperation with the West. Click on the picture to hear the interview (in English).
Category: Caucasian States of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine