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After Gaza
What the United States and Europe must do in the Middle East
by Muriel Asseburg, Volker Perthes
The war in Gaza seems to be over even if the cease-fire is shaky. A European-American initiative could now create the conditions for something more durable, which addresses the security needs of both Israelis and Palestinians. To do so, Syria and Hamas must be engaged in the peace process.
Category: Peace-Keeping, Conflicts and Strategies, International Policy/Relations, Israel, Palestine, Near and Middle East/North Africa, Syria, United States of America, North America, Western Europe, Europe
Dealing with Difficult States
The West must rethink its policy toward Syria, Sudan, and Iran
by Volker Perthes
In order to bring about real changes in Syria, Sudan, and Iran, the West must distinguish between these regimes’ legitimate and illegitimate interests, clarify its own priorities, and actively engage them in a meaningful discourse. Thus far international policies have failed.
Category: Political System, Government and Society, Near and Middle East/North Africa, Iran, Western Asia, Sudan, North Africa, Syria, Eastern Arabia/Israel
The Hard Choices of Intervention
Critical questions to guide Germany’s debate on troop deployment
by Volker Perthes
There is no simple checklist to determine how, when, or where German troops should be deployed abroad. But there are a number of valid questions that can be posed before soldiers are sent to stabilizing, peacekeeping, and peace-enforcing missions around the world.
Category: Foreign Deployments, German Armed Forces, German Foreign Policy, Germany, Central Europe, Europe
New Features of an Old Middle East
In pursuit of regional stability, give the nation state a chance
by Volker Perthes
In the Middle East today, the existence and credibility of functioning nation states provides a prerequisite framework for brokering a lasting, multilateral peace deal in the region. Despite the rise of religious sentiment and non-state transnational actors across the region, many of the secular Arab leaderships understand this reality well.
Category: State Building, Government and Society, Near and Middle East/North Africa
Pride and Mistrust
Above all, Iran wants to be seen as the leading regional power
by Volker Perthes
The Europeans have less influence in Tehran than they might wish. They cannot give hard security rewards. Nor can they bestow the recognition of Iran’s importance that only the sole superpower can confer.
Category: Arms Control and WMD, Security, Iran, Western Asia, Near and Middle East/North Africa