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Report on the 11th International Summer School, Berlin, 2007
“Complex Challenges, Comprehensive Responses: Linking Security and Development”
by Kathrin Brockmann
DGAPreport 8, December 2007, 52 pp.
The 11th DGAP International Summer School treated a select set of concrete challenges and common concerns to global security and development, discussing the evolution and change of different concepts such as comprehensive security, human security, human development and the like.
New Faces Conference 2006
Security in a Globalized World: Toward Regional Cooperation and Strategic Partnerships
by Kathrin Brockmann
DGAPreport 6, October 2008, 108 pp.
The end of the Cold War brought with it the end of the traditional, bipolar geo-strategic model of explaining world affairs. “Feindbilder" have been replaced by security threats perceived to be truly global and functional in nature, yet regional in origin. The realization that in today’s globalized and interlinked world regional conflicts can have global fallout has increased the need for policy analysts to better understand the highly complex nature of different regional security dynamics.
New Faces Conference 2005
Security Challenges in Times of Change: Regional Options for Cooperation and Development
by May-Britt U. Stumbaum
DGAPreport 5, October 2007, 100 pp.
One of the most striking features of the political developments during the 1990s was the re-emergence of regional conflicts that seemed to be very forgotten during the Cold War. Indeed, something of regional identities were also created and reinforced in many parts of the world, making room for both promising developments (like the European Union) and more worrying tendencies.
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