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Russia’s Failure in the Post-Soviet Realm
Russia’s Failure in the Post-Soviet Realm Why Moscow’s power politics towards its post-Soviet neighbors is amounting to nothing: a new DGAP volume
by Stefan Meister
“Economization versus Power Ambitions: Rethinking Russia’s Policy towards Post-Soviet States” (in English), DGAP-Schriften zur Internationalen Politik (DGAP Writings on International Policy), Nomos Verlag, September 2013, 154 pp.
Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has not managed to win the loyalty of countries like Ukraine. The Kremlin lacks the necessary political and economic concepts to convince its neighbors – and instead makes too open a display of its power politics. The EU could offer an attractive alternative but is not yet prepared to take the steps needed to promote integration. Nine experts analyze Russia’s policies, the perspectives of common neighbors, and the new competition between different systems.
Afghanistan after 2014: How Can Reconstruction Succeed?
Afghanistan after 2014: How Can Reconstruction Succeed?Regional cooperation is the key to long-term stability. A new publication in the DGAP publication series
by Henning Riecke, Kevin Francke
Partners for Stability, Involving Neighbors in Afghanistan's Reconstruction - Transatlantic Approaches, DGAP-Schriften zur Internationalen Politik, Nomos Verlag, March 2013, 280 pp.
The withdrawal of international security forces is fully underway and will be complete by 2014. Although the Allies will not turn their backs on the country entirely, responsibility for regional security will now rest largely with Afghanistan and its neighbors. The problems are substantial – from the drug trade to terrorism. Moreover, neighboring countries and external actors have opposing interests. This DGAP volume (in English) brings together experts from Europe, the US, and Central Asia.
Asia in the Eyes of Europe
Asia in the Eyes of EuropeImages of a Rising Giant
by Sebastian Bersick, Michael Bruter, Natalia Chaban, Sol Iglesias, Ronan Lenihan
Asia in the Eyes of Europe, Images of a Rising Giant, DGAP-Schriften zur Internationalen Politik, NOMOS-Verlag, June 2012, 304 pp.
Asia is the growth engine of the world economy, the most populous continent, and an indispensable partner for the resolution of global issues. How are developments on the Big Continent viewed in Europe? How do Europeans envision future cooperation with Asia? This volume offers a detailed picture of the current situation that is based on the latest data. The authors analyze media reports and public opinion in eight EU member states.
Democratization and Security
Democratization and Securityin Central and Eastern Europe and the Post-Soviet States
by David Bosold, Petr Drulák, Nik Hynek
DGAP-Schriften zur Internationalen Politik, Nomos Verlag, December 2011, 302 pp.
The Soviet Union collapsed 20 years ago. Since then, almost 30 countries have sought their own paths outside of Moscow’s sphere of influence. Confronted with shared challenges and a sweeping transformation, different forms of government emerged. While some countries developed into democracies, others featured considerable democratic deficits. This volume examines the democratization processes of individual countries and their security-political contexts.