Past Projects

Franco-German Decision-Making Processes and Communication Channels

January 2013 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Élisée Treaty between France and Germany, the milestone friendship treaty. In the past five decades, cooperation between the two countries has since reached a level of intensity and complexity, particularly with regard to European policy, that is unique in international relations. 

The DGAP’s France program, together with the Genshagen Foundation and Cergy-Pontoise University, has begun a two-year research project to analyze Franco-German decision-making mechanisms regarding European policy. The project is supported by the German Foreign Office.

The analysis concentrates on the fields of foreign and security policy, economic and finance policy, energy and environmental policy, and EU enlargement and consolidation. Twelve case studies are used to help identify national and bilateral actors and structures that are involved in the process of Franco-German consultations on formulating positions. At the same time, their contribution to the planning of common positions on Europe are taken into consideration.

The goal is to examine the mechanisms and instutional constellations that contribute to exacerbating controversies between the two countries or that help overcome differences and thus make Franco-German compromise possible.

Responsible Persons

  • Dr. Claire Demesmay

    Dr. Claire Demesmay

    Head of Program, Franco-German Relations Program
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