Diplomacy by Networking

Each year the German Federal Foreign Office welcomes to Berlin about three hundred young diplomats from around the world for its Training Course for International Diplomats. The initiative encourages young diplomats to build up their professional networks while gaining insight into Germany’s priorities in conducting its European and foreign policy. At the same time the course allows participants to practice and develop those social skills so indispensible to global cooperation. With the goal of encouraging successful international dialogue, and by extension, to contribute to securing peace through respect for human rights, the course addresses a broad spectrum of topics. It also cultivates an active alumni network upon conclusion of the training course. In the spirit of “connected diplomacy,” the instruments developed here are made available to other internationally oriented networks connected to foundations, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and ministries so that people with varied backgrounds can share their knowledge, their experience, and their creativity. The DGAP, as a longstanding partner of the German Federal Foreign Office, is responsible for coordinating this network. It organizes a range of events within and outside the country (training programs, networking events, cultural activities, and offerings related to “German for non-native speakers”) as well as technical and logistical tools for cooperating on event planning and data management.

Responsible Persons