Europe Considers Its Own Nuclear Weapons Program

Jana Puglierin talks to the New York Times about the concept of a “Eurodeterrent” and its public reception in Germany


Category: Conflicts and Strategies, Defence Policy, Europe

The discussion of a European Union nuclear weapons program is gaining ground within European policy circles. According to The New York Times it “demonstrates the growing sense in Europe that drastic steps may be necessary to protect the postwar order in the era of a Trump presidency, a resurgent Russia and the possibility of an alignment between the two.” CDU Bundestag member Roderich Kiesewetter raised the matter of the European nuclear option in the Bundestag soon after Trump’s election.

In Germany, a country where antinuclear sentiment is widespread, the discussion has entered the mainstream as well, often in contentious form. Jana Puglierin, head of the DGAP’s Alfred Oppenheim Center, said that a handful of senior European officials had certainly “triggered a public debate about this, taking place in newspapers and journals, radio interviews and TV documentaries.” She said that she was “very astonished that we discuss this at all.” According to Puglierin, the public is “totally opposed.”

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