Director of the DGAP’s Research Institute to Depart

Professor Eberhard Sandschneider will step down in summer 2016



After 13 successful years directing the think tank of the German Council on Foreign Relations, Professor Eberhard Sandschneider has chosen to step down from his position as Otto Wolff Director of the DGAP’s research institute

A Change in the Summer

Professor Sandschneider has left his very positive mark on the institute during his many years at the think tank’s helm. He oversaw the initiation of numerous topics and projects, maintained close contact with the DGAP’s network of supporters, and contributed substantially to enhancing the establishment’s international and national reputation. His departure is a great loss for the DGAP. We look back with gratitude on his tireless engagement on behalf of the institution, his innovative ideas, his ambitious undertakings, and his many years of service.

The search for an appropriate successor is underway, and we look forward to making announcing the new Otto Wolff Director of the Research Institute soon.

Dr. Arend Oetker