Merkel Stated the Obvious:

Trump’s America cannot be fully trusted


Globe and Mail (Toronto), May 31, 2017

Category: Etappensieg gegen den IS, NATO, Europe, United States of America

"The good thing about the German Chancellor," writes Jana Puglierin in her op-ed, "is that she is not known to say things lightly. Frau Merkel usually means what Frau Merkel says. An Atlanticist by heart, she has surely not ended the transatlantic relationship in a beer tent."

"Merkel has tried to find a way for pragmatic co-operation with the Trump administration – and will continue to do so – despite significant and likely lasting disagreements. Transatlantic relations are simply too important."

"However," Puglierin adds, "no pragmatic co-operation in the world can camouflage the fact that Donald Trump, in the eyes of Berlin at least, has turned the United States into a source of global insecurity."

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