Emmanuel Macron’s calls for a European army are misguided

European defence schemes should plug into NATO



Norway’s countryside teemed with European soldiers in the past two weeks. A Montenegrin platoon drilled within a Slovenian company, which was wrapped in a Spanish battalion, which in turn was inside an Italian brigade. All were part of nato’s biggest exercise since the cold war. Yet this is not quite what President Emmanuel Macron had in mind when he called for a “true European army” on November 6th. Striking a Gaullist pose, Mr Macron urged Europe to free itself from military dependence on America.

Further Quote from the article:

“For all these plans, Europeans would struggle to wage even medium-sized wars without extensive help from America, as they discovered during their air campaign in Libya in 2011. Though their defence spending is growing, there are still large gaps in their arsenals. [...] But data collected by the German Council on Foreign Relations, a think-tank, shows that their stock of equipment in all these areas has been shrinking. The eu will be weaker still when Britain leaves.“

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