Is Alice Weidel A New Face for the AfD?

Cornelius Adebahr speaks to the Washington Post about the strategy behind Alice Weidel’s new promi.


The Washington Post, May 15, 2017

Category: Political Culture, Elections, Germany

Alice Weidel was nominated as one of the campaign leaders of Germany’s right-wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD) for the next German general election. As a gay politician and a parent, Weidel gives expression to a “seemingly ironic trend” in European nationalism: an attempt of far-right parties in Europe to portray themselves as more tolerant than their images suggest. Although many nationalist movements in the West often oppose full rights for gays, some national parties are trying to change this image.

According to the DGAP’s associate fellow Cornelius Adebahr, Weidel serves as “a signpost” to show that the party is not only made of up “old, angry white men.” Weidel has come under fierce criticism from German gay groups for her party’s anti-immigration and anti-EU platform, but is currently receiving broad support within the AfD.

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