Mind the Gap: How France and Germany Can Spearhead Joint Foreign Policy Initiatives Now
Mind the Gap: How France and Germany Can Spearhead Joint Foreign Policy Initiatives Now

15/02/2018 | by Claire Demesmay, Dr. Jana Puglierin, Laure Delcour, Barbara Kunz, Stefan Meister, Andreas Rinke, Frédéric Charillon | France

Given the current instability on Europe's borders and uncertainty about the international role of the US under President Trump, it is high time for Franco-German foreign policy initiatives. However, differences between the two, both on policy issues and in their strategic cultures, also limit their cooperation. This study shows how France and Germany can bridge - and exploit - these gaps to facilitate joint initiatives on four key topics: Russia, transatlantic relations, Syria and Turkey.


  • Atlanticist and “Post-Atlanticist” Wishful Thinking

    von Dr. Jana Puglierin, Hans Kundnani | Transatlantic Relations
    The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF), Policy Essay No. 01/2018, January 3, 2018

    Atlanticist and “Post-Atlanticist” Wishful Thinking

    The publication of an Atlanticist manifesto by a group of leading German foreign policy analysts has prompted a lively debate about whether or not Germany, and by extension the European Union, should “preserve” the transatlantic partnership or decouple itself from the United States and pursue a “post-Atlanticist” foreign policy.

  • The Ties That Bind

    von Dr. Henning Riecke, Alin Polyakova | Transatlantic Relations
    Atlantic Council, September 27, 2017

    As German Chancellor Angela Merkel enters her fourth term in office, the US-German relationship will need to overcome trade and policy disagreements in order to thrive in today’s uncertain political climate.

  • Trump’s Non-Governmental Organization

    von Dr. Josef Braml | United States of America, Transatlantic Relations
    DGAPstandpunkt 9 (September 2017), 3 pages.

    Trump’s Non-Governmental Organization

    Trump’s actions may appear impulsive and erratic, but there is method in the madness.


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