Putin’s Regime on the Path to More Repression
Putin’s Regime on the Path to More Repression

After Russia’s Regional Elections

13/09/2019 | by András Rácz | Russia, Elections

In the Russian regional elections on 8 September 2019, the ruling party United Russia managed to largely hold on its control over state assemblies and governorships. Even in Moscow, where United Russia was significantly weakened, there was no liberal breakthrough. But the elections did not solve any of the inherent political and social tensions—it only made them more visible. Thus, protest potential is going to remain high, which will likely cause the regime to become even more repressive.


  • Eurasia: Playing Field or Battle Field?

    Defining an Effective German and European Approach on Connectivity Toward China and Russia

    von Dr. Jacopo Maria Pepe | Central Asia, Trade
    DGAPanalysis 4 (July 2019), 22 pp.

    Eurasia: Playing Field or Battle Field?

    Eurasia is emerging as a fluid continent where resurgent great power politics by Russia and China is marginalizing Europe and the Western liberal order. Moscow and Beijing are linking their Eurasian integration projects, the Belt and Roads Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). To avoid marginalization, the EU and Germany should define an interest-driven, flexible and regionally diversified approach toward Moscow and Beijing, focusing on Greater Central Asia and Greater Eastern Europe.

  • From Ostpolitik to EU-Russia Interdependence

    Germany’s Perspective

    von Dr. Stefan Meister
    Published in "Post-Crimea Shift in EU-Russia Relations: From Fostering Interdependence to Managing Vulnerabilities", 2019, Kristi Raik & András Rácz (eds.)

    With the Russian annexation of Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine, followed by Western sanctions and Russian counter-sanctions, German decision-makers had to learn that economic and energy interdependence not only creates win-win situations but also means vulnerability. The reaction was a shift from the dominance of the economy in German policy on Russia to a securitisation and politicisation of relations with Moscow.

  • Russians Adrift on the Sea of Values

    Mikhail Dmitriev on the changing values of Russian society

    von Alena Epifanova | Russia

    Russians Adrift on the Sea of Values

    „Public consciousness of Russians is deanchored from static ideas which were stabilizing attitudes, now it is like a ship without an anchor on the high seas,“ – economist Mikhail Dmitriev on his study, indicating a change in values in Russian society.


Russia and the West: Scenarios for the future
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Connecting Eurasia: EU-Russia-China-Central Asia Strategic Dialogue on Connectivity
04/12/2018 | 09:00 - 17:00 | Russian International Affairs Council,
Connecting Eurasia: EU-Russia-China-Central Asia Strategic Dialogue on Connectivity
For the EU, Russia, China, and not least the Central Asian states, transcontinental commercial, financial, economic and physical connectivity in Eurasia bears considerable common ground. Gathering for a strategic workshop, experts exchanged views on various ways to fortify this connectivity.
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