Russians Adrift on the Sea of Values
Russians Adrift on the Sea of Values

Mikhail Dmitriev on the changing values of Russian society

06/06/2019 | by Alena Epifanova | Russia

„Public consciousness of Russians is deanchored from static ideas which were stabilizing attitudes, now it is like a ship without an anchor on the high seas,“ – economist Mikhail Dmitriev on his study, indicating a change in values in Russian society.


  • A New Dimension of Air-Based Threats

    Germany, the EU, and NATO Need New Political Initiatives and Military Defense Systems

    von Torben Schütz, Christian Mölling, Zoe Stanley-Lockman
    DGAPkompakt 8 (June 2019), 5 pp.

    A New Dimension of Air-Based Threats

    The range of air-based threats is expanding with considerable speed and intensity. The main reason is the proliferation of technologies and weapons systems. Germany could play a leading role in the necessary adaptation of arms control regimes and in the development of new air defense capabilities. To this end, Germany should initiate a PESCO project on short-range air defense and an air defense capability cluster within NATO.

  • Russia and the West 2028

    Forward-Looking Scenarios in Russian-European-American-Relations


    Russia and the West 2028

    The Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and the Robert Bosch Center at the German Council on Foreign Relations partnered with the Robert Bosch Foundation to explore Russia-European-American dynamics in a turbulent time. In 2018, we decided in the last project phase to generate a number of scenarios – narratives of alternative futures – that can enable decision-makers to play out the potential ramifications of choices they face today.

  • Security First, Technology Second

    Putin Tightens his Grip on Russia’s Internet – with China’s Help

    von Andrei Soldatov | Russia, Cyber Security
    DGAPkompakt 3, 7. März 2019, 5 S.

    Security First, Technology Second

    Since his return to the Russian presidency in 2012, Vladimir Putin has sought to bring the Russian internet under his control. Digital businesses in Russia pay dearly for his expensive system of surveillance and censorship. This slows down the pace of innovation and puts the modernization of the economy at risk. Even then, technical control over the internet remains shaky. The Kremlin is seeking Chinese assistance to enforce restrictions and be able to cut Russia off from the global internet.


Russia and the West: Scenarios for the future
28/05/2019 | 18:00 - 19:30 | Robert Bosch Stiftung, Berlin Representative Office, Berlin | Russia
Category: Russia, Western World
Regional Cooperation in Central Asia and Uzbekistan’s Role
16/01/2019 | 18:30 - 20:00 | DGAP | Uzbekistan
Category: Uzbekistan
Connecting Eurasia: EU-Russia-China-Central Asia Strategic Dialogue on Connectivity
04/12/2018 | 09:00 - 17:00 | Russian International Affairs Council,
Connecting Eurasia: EU-Russia-China-Central Asia Strategic Dialogue on Connectivity
For the EU, Russia, China, and not least the Central Asian states, transcontinental commercial, financial, economic and physical connectivity in Eurasia bears considerable common ground. Gathering for a strategic workshop, experts exchanged views on various ways to fortify this connectivity.
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