Fed Up
Fed Up

A political murder has triggered upheaval in Slovakia.

16/03/2018 | by Milan Nič | Slovak Republic, Corruption

The murders of Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová set off a wave of protests throughout the country. Having already forced the resignation of a long-term Slovak Prime Minister there’s no telling how far they could go from here.


  • Germany Has a New Government

    von Dr. Stefan Meister | Germany, Bilateral Relations
    First published for the Valdai Discussion Club

    German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier officially proposed the Bundestag to appoint Angela Merkel as Federal Chancellor. Will the policy of the “new old” federal government change, or will the grand coalition continue the current line? During her last term, Angela Merkel will have to deal much more with domestic issues and has to manage her succession, writes Stefan Meister, Head of Robert Bosch Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia, German Council on Foreign Relations.

  • Cautiously Ambitious

    German Government Sets the Right Tone for Strong EU Policies

    von Daniela Schwarzer | Germany
    DGAPkompakt 5 (March 2018), 5 pp.

    Cautiously Ambitious

    Angela Merkel is set to form a new government as the Social Democrats accepted a coalition with the CDU/CSU. Their coalition deal pushes for closer European integration alongside EU reform and strong German-French relations. It continues the paradigm of post-war German foreign relations by focusing on partnerships. At the same time, this paradigm is under threat: Both the EU and US relations have become less certain. Germany needs to proceed with ambition – and caution. The deal is a good start.

  • Geopolitics and Security

    A New Strategy for the South Caucasus

    von Dr. Stefan Meister
    Geopolitics and Security - A New Strategy for the South Caucasus, 2018, 305 pp., ISBN 978-9941-449-93-2

    Geopolitics and Security

    The South Caucasus is a region at the nexus of various economic, political, and energy interests. It is currently witnessing some of the most complex and dangerous events in the world today. It features weak states, direct and proxy wars, and a confluence of great power interests. It is a prism for fundamental challenges to the international system, including separatism, security, energy transit, and infrastructure.


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