The migration program researches and develops policy recommendations on migration. It compares policy approaches and debates in Germany, Europe, and other relevant countries.

The program focuses on the management of migration – in particular on return policies, international cooperation, and the communication of topics related to migration. It aims to promote constructive debate on migration, asylum, and refugees in the increasingly polarized societies of countries of destination, origin, and transit.

Key topics:

  • Management of migration: return and reintegration, deportation, cooperation with countries of origin and transit
  • Communication of migration: societal attitudes toward migration and asylum; media coverage and political communication of topics related to migration in countries of destination, origin, and transit


Bild: Syrischer Flüchtling bei seiner Abschiebung

Migrationspolitik nach Merkel

Drei Themen könnten bei den Koalitionsverhandlungen strittig werden: die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen, der Umgang mit Ausreisepflichtigen und die EU-Agentur Frontex.


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