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To meet the requirements of an evolving political environment, think tanks need to create new approaches to research, knowledge transfer and political consulting. Demand is growing for initiatives, which can channel the potential of all sectors of society – including that of both their processes and outputs – to provide comprehensive solutions for today’s global challenges.

Against this background, DGAP founded the Impact & Innovation Lab in 2017. It’s a space for researching and experimenting with new ways of gaining foreign policy insights and making them accessible. In the lab, we develop innovative formats through which we analyze, debate, and provide counsel on topics of pressing concern to global affairs. We synthesize our foreign policy expertise, project management skills, and creative methods to provide decision-makers in politics, business, and civil society support with optimal support – empowering them to devise and implement effective, solution-oriented policies. Through the Impact & Innovation Lab, we not only foster the work of the political sector, but also – through professional development, counsel, and pilot projects – the work of our staff and of colleagues at other think tanks.

Through our collaborations and co-creative processes with multiple stakeholders, we gain new perspectives and develop forward-looking solutions.

Key topics:

  • Creating and implementing formats for strategy, debate, and professional development
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating pilot projects
  • Providing consulting and moderation services


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Past events

Community Workshop 2022
09:30 - 11:30 | 26 Jan 2022

Think Tank Lab Community Workshop

Lessons from the Pilot Phase and Co-creating the Think Tank Lab’s Agenda for 2022
Think Tank Veranstaltung


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How We Want To Advance Co-Creation
Roderick Kefferpütz
Claire Luzia Leifert
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Virtuelle Machtspiele

Sie vermitteln Weltbilder, sind Innovationstreiber, aber auch Sicherheitslücken – Videospiele bieten Chancen und Risiken für die Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik.

Claire Luzia Leifert
Manouchehr Shamsrizi
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