Geo-Economics Program

This program analyzes how the politics of trade, investment, technology, finance, and/or energy can be employed to achieve strategic goals. Vice versa, it also assesses how strategic goals can be pursued by the reform and organization of the trade and monetary system, the advancement of certain financial regulations, access to critical technology or the sharing of data, and the pursuit of climate and ecological policies.

Increasingly, both the United States and China are using their economic strength to shape international relations in addition to regional and global regulatory structures. Debate is growing about whether we are moving from a multilateral, rules-based, and cooperative order to a conflictual and competitive one that might require a fresh approach. The European Union, which had largely pinned its hopes on the organization of the economic world order and the resolution of tensions through multilateral institutions, is ill prepared for this new geo-economic environment.

Therefore, it is important for Europeans to develop a more precise understanding of geo-economic strategies and to establish policies that aim to uphold the EU’s economic and geopolitical interest in a variety of policy issues.

The Geo-Economics Program tackles the following questions:

  • How does Europe need to change/reform in order to remain a relevant global player in today’s new geo-economic environment?
  • What role can Germany play to better position Europe in this environment?

Deutschland hat im Jahr 2022 die G7-Präsidentschaft in einer von Krisen geschüttelten Zeit übernommen. An Themen, die die G7 angehen müssen, mangelt es nicht. Neben dem Bereich Gesundheit und Pandemievorsorge wird ein Schwerpunkt auf dem Klimaschutz liegen. Eine weitere wichtige Diskussion dreht sich um die Frage des Umgangs mit Nicht-Marktwirtschaften wie China. Auch der aktuelle Konflikt um die Ukraine wird die G7 beschäftigten. Die DGAP kommentiert die Ziele der Bundesregierung und vertieft die Analyse in den einzelnen Themenfeldern.



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