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  1. Glossary

DGAP’s program on the Americas is a knowledge hub for German politicians, businesspeople, academics, and media on social, economic, and domestic factors related to US foreign policy. We cooperate with renowned US institutions and think tanks such as Johns Hopkins University, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Atlantic Council, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Over many years, we have also built close relationships with networks and influential circles among Democrats and Republicans. Thanks to this access to powerful insiders in the US government and its collaboration with German and international partners, DGAP operates a US strategy group that enriches the transatlantic debate and is valued by a wide range of experts – from government officials to opinion leaders in industry and civil society.

Our aim is to counteract misinterpretations of how political decisions are made on both sides to reduce tensions on the transatlantic relationship. Grappling with today’s world order necessitates a comprehensive understanding of transatlantic relations that includes Latin America and Canada.

Key topics:

  • Social, economic, and domestic factors that will determine the future of US foreign policy
  • US foreign policy and economic interests
  • Involvement of Europe’s trading partners in Latin America, the US, and Canada in the geo-economic strategies and policies of Germany and Europe.
  • Strategies to maintain a rules-based world order





Past events

18:00 - 19:00 | 26 Oct 2020

Protektionismus und Härte

Worauf sich Deutschland und Europa nach der US-Wahl einstellen müssen
Think Tank Veranstaltung