Center for Migration

At DGAP’s Center for Migration, experts conduct research on the topics of migration, asylum, and refugees. They analyze migration policies in Germany, Europe, and other relevant destination, transit, and origin countries to promote balanced, constructive, and fact-based debates. Based on this research, they develop practical policy recommendations.

Main Topics:

  • Migration cooperation with other countries
  • Effects of migration agreements and partnerships
  • Migration diplomacy
  • Migration management
  • German migration policies
  • EU asylum and migration policies
  • Returns, deportations, and reintegration
  • Migration communication and dialogue among world regions – especially between Europe and Africa and between Europe and America

Experts at the Center for Migration regularly advise political decision-makers in and beyond Germany in confidential background discussions. They provide impulses and ideas to decision-makers from various governments and authorities. They also present the results of their research and comment on current migration issues in national and international media and at expert conferences in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

Through public events, they promote an informed debate about migration, asylum, and refugees in Germany, and offer a space to discuss controversial migration issues in a balanced and respectful manner. Their goal is to offer pragmatic solutions to conflicts that are often emotional and sometimes ideological.

What We Research in an Action- and Practice-Oriented Manner:

Experts at the Center for Migration at DGAP research both the challenges and opportunities of migration.

The center’s work currently focuses on migration diplomacy and the external dimension of migration policy. Its experts also address timely topics such as refugee movements from Ukraine and Germany’s migration policies and reforms.

Since the beginning of DGAP’s migration research and especially since the founding of its Migration Program in 2019 its researchers have worked on a variety of often sensitive migration topics. Themes covered to date include the external dimension of migration policy, conditionalization of migration cooperation, migration management, returns, deportations, reform of EU asylum and migration law, reintegration of migrants into their countries of origin, EU-African migration cooperation, transatlantic migration cooperation, refugee protection and resettlement, the UN’s Global Compact on Migration, migration instrumentalization, and migration communication, disinformation, and fake news.

The Center for Migration’s publications and projects below provide further details on DGAP’s current and past research and expertise.


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Double-Edged Sword

How to Engage Returnee Networks in Migrant Reintegration
Victoria Rietig
Sophie Meiners


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