In order to better realize its dual function as a political and public consultancy, DGAP has established the USA Strategy Group. Funded by the Friede Springer Foundation, this three-year project is intended to provide guidance for German and European decision-makers during an important transition period – especially in light of the US presidential and congressional elections on November 3, 2020. Thereafter, a new government team will be established, key positions in Congress will be determined, and political priorities for the first half of the legislative term will be negotiated.

German decision-makers are currently facing a double problem: for Germany, US foreign policy is both opaque and unavoidable. Germany and Europe will continue to be fundamentally and sustainably affected by the foreign policy of the United States whether it continues in the same vein or changes. Domestic factors are gaining in importance for its development, which, in turn, also affect the future of the world power’s foreign policy.

This strategy group studies and monitors the changes in domestic policy and actors that have a significant impact on US foreign policy and transatlantic relations. This research enables continuous strategy development based on these factors, which is regularly repeated and adapted in cooperation with relevant decision-makers – the project’s main target group.

Through this interactive policy advice and close exchange with decision-makers, practical benefits and impact can be achieved. The strategy group is made up of an exclusive group of 20 experts in operational policy from Germany’s Federal Chancellery, ministries, and the Bundestag, as well as specialists on the United States from civil society (universities, think tanks, and NGOs) and business (associations and companies).

The key findings of the strategy group’s work will be summarized in annual reports, which will be prepared with concise conclusions and options for action and then presented and discussed at a public event.