Migration is the core theme at DGAP that explores migration flows, policies, and debates in Germany, Europe, and beyond. Through the umbrella of the migration theme, DGAP aims to connect the work of its Migration Program with the geographic and thematic expertise provided by all of its other research programs. This approach allows DGAP to create in-house synergies among its experts, and to offer interdisciplinary and regional expertise on migration, asylum, and refugee issues.

Recent publications

Egypt, the EU, and Migration

An Uncomfortable Yet Unavoidable Partnership

The relationship between the European Union and Egypt on migration is as uncomfortable for Europe as it is unavoidable. The EU’s goal of reducing irregular migration by working with actual and potential transit countries around Europe has provided Egypt with greater leverage over its European neighbors – a development that worries not only human rights advocates, but many actors who follow the actions of the country’s authoritarian regime.


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