Migration is one of DGAP’s core themes, meaning that work on the topic is not done solely by its migration program but flows from all of its thematic areas and research programs. Through this theme, DGAP aims to integrate its geographic and thematic expertise on migration, asylum, and refugees in order to generate synergies for joint publications, events, and other formats.

Recent publications

Ghana as the EU’s Migration Partner

Actors, Interests, and Recommendations for European Policymakers

Despite a seemingly close partnership between Europe and Ghana on migration, their relations are full of pitfalls. Ghana’s interests in the diaspora, labor migration, and regional free movement are often at odds with Europeans’ focus on irregular migration and return policies. This report provides German and European politicians, policy experts, and practitioners with concrete and actionable ideas for how to aim for more informed migration discussions with their Ghanaian counterparts in the future.


Sieben Thesen auf dem Prüfstand

Sind Abschiebungen rechtsstaatlich notwendige Instrumente oder Maßnahmen, die der Willkür Tür und Tor öffnen? Schickt Deutschland zu viele Menschen zurück oder zu wenige? Und wie funktioniert die Kooperation mit den Herkunftsländern? Die Debatte um Rückkehr und Reintegration erhitzt die Gemüter in Deutschland und Europa. Ein Versuch, Nüchternheit in die Diskussion zu bringen.


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