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Transatlantic Action Plan

North Africa and the Middle East have never been, conceptually or politically, a homogenous and organic space. For decades, Europeans looked at their southern neighborhood through the rose-tinted lenses of a cooperative Euro-Mediterranean region, seeking to extend their norms, rules and values through the deployment of soft power, from trade and aid, to security cooperation and political dialogue. 


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07:00 | 12 - 15 Sep 2019

Socio-Economic Challenges and the Impact of Regional Dynamics on Jordan

Employment, Social Cohesion, and International Cooperation – Perspectives from the Region and Europe (Workshop I)

Intensifying crises and instability in Jordan’s immediate neighborhood pose a significant challenge to the Hashemite Kingdom. Amman not only faces a difficult security environment, but also needs to balance its relations with its neighbors and Western partners who frequently pursue conflicting interests.