International Order & Democracy

The global order is constantly changing. These changes are driven by developments in the tech sector, as well as shifts in economic, political, military, and demographic power. The US is calling established systems into question. Non-western – and in some cases authoritarian – states are increasingly influencing regional and international structures.

International order and democracy is one of DGAP’s core themes. Through it, DGAP helps answer questions about how Germany and Europe can shape regional and international aspects of the evolving global order in the policy realm. We explore options in the areas of sustainability and climate, digitalization and technology, finance, and the regulation of outer space, as well as which policies will be most effective in strengthening democracy and human rights on a regional and international level.

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Foto: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban walks out of a voting booth during Hungary's local elections in Budapest, Hungary, October 13, 2019.
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Orbán’s Invincibility is Over

Municipal Elections in Hungary

Regional elections were held in Hungary on October 13, 2019. Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party preserved its dominance over regional assemblies as well as most rural towns and villages. Meanwhile, a united opposition managed to take control of 10 of 23 Hungarian cities, including 14 of 23 districts in Budapest – enabling it to determine the capital’s lord mayor. Although these developments mark the end of Orbán’s decade-long invincibility, they do not necessarily pave the way to opposition success in national elections scheduled for 2022.


Past events

May 27, 2019

Die deutsche Europa- und Außenpolitik nach der Wahl zum Europäischen Parlament

Europapolitisches Fachsymposium zu Ehren des 80. Geburtstags von Dr. Arend Oetker, dem Präsidenten der DGAP

„Auf jeden Fall etwas Inhaltliches“ – das war Dr. Arend Oetkers Bitte, als die DGAP ihn nach dem gewünschten Veranstaltungsformat zu seinem 80. Geburtstag fragte, „und bitte etwas zu Europa“. Der Wunsch des scheidenden Präsidenten mündete nach dem Wahltag in das europapolitische Fachsymposium „Deutsche Europa- und Außenpolitik nach der Wahl zum Europäischen Parlament“ - mit mehr als 300 Zusagen im Haus der Wirtschaft in Berlin.

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