International Order and Governance

The global order is constantly changing. These changes are driven by developments in the tech sector, as well as shifts in economic, political, military, and demographic power. The US is calling established systems into question. Non-western – and in some cases authoritarian – states are increasingly influencing regional and international structures.

International order and democracy is one of DGAP’s core themes. Through it, DGAP helps answer questions about how Germany and Europe can shape regional and international aspects of the evolving global order in the policy realm. We explore options in the areas of sustainability and climate, digitalization and technology, finance, and the regulation of outer space, as well as which policies will be most effective in strengthening democracy and human rights on a regional and international level.


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Moldova’s Fragile Security Situation

Moldova’s security and future are closely linked with the outcome of Russia’s war against Ukraine. This is a decisive year for the country and its government with local elections approaching, in which manipulation by Kremlin proxies is expected, and an economy affected by the energy crisis and rising prices due to the war. In February a new prime minister and government were appointed – a move meant to address security concerns, hybrid threats, and energy dependence on Russia and Transnistria. The government seems prepared to address the threats, yet Moldova strongly depends on EU support.  

Anastasia Pociumban

Nach der Ostpolitik

Lehren aus der Vergangenheit als Grundlage für eine neue Russland- und Osteuropapolitik
Dr. Stefan Meister
Wilfried Jilge

Neun Monate Ukraine-Krieg

Langsam aber sicher wendet sich das Blatt
Dr. Christian Mölling
Dr. András Rácz
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Was bringen die Sanktionen gegen Russland?

Als Reaktion auf den russischen Überfall auf die Ukraine haben Europäische Union und Bundesregierung Sanktionen gegen Russland in beispiellosem Ausmaß verhängt. Ein Pro & Contra von DGAP-Direktor Guntram Wolff und Heribert Dieter von der Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik.

Dr. Guntram Wolff
Heribert Dieter
Pro & Contra
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