German Federal Elections 2021

Under the headline "FOR A NEW GERMAN FOREIGN POLICY", DGAP is developing a series of innovative and actionable recommendations for the next German government. With in-depth policy analyses and event formats, we promote debate and develop ideas that will shape German and European foreign policy in the years to come. We invite all policymakers working on geoeconomics, technology, climate, migration, international order and security to engage with our content and enter into conversation with us. You can find more information in this dossier.

Recent publications

Building European Resilience and Capacity to Act: Lessons for 2030

Containing twelve scenarios for the world in 2030, this report offers insights into how the EU can maintain and build up its capacity to act in the face of the major disruptive changes that are likely to come over this decade. It is being released in the run-up to German elections in September 2021 that will serve as a kind of referendum on ten years of government-heavy crisis management.

Time to Define European Autonomy

No matter who succeeds Angela Merkel in the chancellery, Germany will need to focus on building stronger European strategic autonomy in order to be a strong and valued partner to the United States—and to other liberal democracies around the world.

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Toward a New German Foreign Policy
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Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer, Ask AKK 6.7.2021 DGAP
19:00 - 20:30 | 06 Jul 2021

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