Geo-economics – one of DGAP’s core themes – explores how the politics of trade, technology, finance, and/or energy can be employed to achieve strategic goals. For Europe to remain a key player internationally, the continent must help define the rules of a new geo-economic world order. DGAP looks at how Germany can contribute to better positioning Europe in this increasingly competitive landscape.


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Europe’s Green Industrial Policy and the United States’ IRA

Reducing Dependence on China

Two proposals released by the European Commission on March 16 are central to the EU’s green industrial policy. While these plans differ from their US counterparts, they share the goal of reducing dependence. The European Union’s internal production targets, however, oscillate between creating a necessary security buffer from monopoly suppliers and dirigiste protectionism. The EU should prioritize ensuring energy security through diversification and regulatory streamlining and avoid the overapplication of planned targets.

Loyle Campbell
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