Feminist Foreign Policy

For the first time in Germany's history, the coalition government has enshrined a feminist foreign policy - Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) - in its coalition agreement. As part of their research, DGAP experts analyze the implementation of Feminist Foreign Policy with sound analyses and develop solution-oriented options for action.


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Mongolia Leans in to Feminist Foreign Policy

At the end of June, Mongolia hosted a Female Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, bringing together several countries including Germany to discuss feminist foreign policy. Besides providing a people-centred approach to global crises such as climate and food security, FFP can serve geopolitical interests, provide access to the international arena and lead to more equal partnerships.



Leonie Stamm
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A New Foreign Policy for Germany?

Experts Assess the German Coalition Deal of 2021
Dr. Christian Mölling
Tyson Barker
Dr. Tim Rühlig
et al.
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