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How German (Cyber)diplomacy Can Strengthen Norms in a World of Rule-Breakers

This DGAP Memo argues that Germany and other EU member states should apply norm-setting to the niches where great powers see a pragmatic need to deepen trust. In this vein, they should table an initiative to the United States and China to sign a political declaration that they will not conduct any cyber operations against select critical infrastructure – early warning satellites, nuclear command and control systems, electrical grids – of the parties involved during peacetime. Such a declaration could serve as an example for other norm-setting measures with which Germany could help build welcome trust at a time when geopolitical tensions and risks of misperception are particularly high.

Dr. Valentin Weber

Streumunition und Völkerrecht

Zur Verwendung von Streumunition durch die Ukraine und die Folgen für verbündete Staaten wie die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Prof. Dr. Helmut Philipp Aust
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