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How German (Cyber)diplomacy Can Strengthen Norms in a World of Rule-Breakers

This DGAP Memo argues that Germany and other EU member states should apply norm-setting to the niches where great powers see a pragmatic need to deepen trust. In this vein, they should table an initiative to the United States and China to sign a political declaration that they will not conduct any cyber operations against select critical infrastructure – early warning satellites, nuclear command and control systems, electrical grids – of the parties involved during peacetime. Such a declaration could serve as an example for other norm-setting measures with which Germany could help build welcome trust at a time when geopolitical tensions and risks of misperception are particularly high.

Dr. Valentin Weber

Justiz versus Populismus

Die Anklage gegen Donald Trump ist riskant: Sie könnte ihn zurück ins Weiße Haus befördern
Julian Müller-Kaler



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