Former Europol Director debates cybercrime and counterterrorism with Bundestag staffers

30/05/2018 | 08:30 - 10:00 | Café Einstein Unter den Linden 42, Berlin | Invitation only


Category: Criminality

Only weeks after leaving his office as executive director of Europol, Robb Wainwright discussed the European cooperation in the fight against crime in a DGAP forum with staffers of Germany’s federal parliament. The event, which took place under Chatham House rule and was supported by Philip Morris GmbH, featured a lively debate on domestic security, including cybercrime and the fight against terrorism and drugs as well as the growing interconnectnedd of organized crime. The discussion will be chaired by Dr Henning Riecke, Head of Program USA/Transatlantic Relations, DGAP.

Former Director of Europol Rob Wainwright

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