The United States after the primaries

28/06/2016 | 09:00 - 11:00 | DGAP Berlin | Invitation only

Permanent Discussion Group

Category: United States of America

The primaries in the U.S. are about to enter their final stage. The republican nominee will be officially announced on July 18, 2016. Dr. Dieter Dettke spoke before the transatlantic roundtable and addressed the current developments in the United States after the primaries and how they could shape the country’s future.

In light of the rise of Trump, Dettke talked in particular about the negative impacts that Trump’s presidency would have on America’s Allies. Furthermore, he addressed the economic, political, societal as well as cultural challenges that America will face due to Trump’s incoherent worldview. Dettke also elaborated on the fragmentation within the Republican Party, in which NeoCons, the Tea Party and classic conservatives fight over the Party’s future course. Concluding, Dettke assessed that Trump would not win the federal elections in November due to his missteps and incoherent campaign.

Dr. Dieter Dettke is Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University and was head of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation’s office in Washington, D.C. between 1985 and 2005. Karsten D. Voigt, Senior Associate Fellow, DGAP chaired the discussion with approximately 25 participants. The event was supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

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