International Law in Times of Crisis: Its Potential and Limitations

30/09/2014 | 18:30 - 20:00 | DGAP Berlin | Members only



At a time of proliferating crisis situations – such as Iraq, Syria, and the wider Middle East – serious questions about the effectiveness of international law and its institutions are being raised. The most fundamental norms relating to humanitarian law, the use of force by states, and the territorial integrity of states are being put under intense pressure. What should be done to energize international institutions, above all the United Nations, in an effort to secure a more stable international order for the future?

In a joint event by the DGAP and the Embassy of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk, who worked on some of these issues as UN Assistant Secretary-General for political affairs (2000–2005) and later served as President of Slovenia (2007–2012), presented his views on the matter.

Please find the transcript of his speech below.



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