Germany as Viewed by the Other Member States

Workshop on Germany’s European Policy within the framework of the European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN)

16/02/2012 - 17/02/2012 | 10:00 - 18:00 | SWP Berlin | Invitation only

Category: European Union

20 EU analysts from the EPIN met in Berlin to discuss the way Germany’s European Policy is perceived in their respective countries. Together with experts from the DGAP and SWP, they reflected on Germany’s handling of the euro crisis, the German view on the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy, energy policy, and EU institutional questions.

As the Greek sovereign debt crisis rolls on, Germany’s European Policy has been met with harsh criticism in some EU member states. In the beginning, Germany failed to lead, but now it is getting its leadership wrong. Germany benefits the most from the common currency but is barely receptive to the woes of the countries in crisis.

The DGAP picked up this debate in Berlin in a workshop entitled “Germany as Viewed by the Other Member States.” Moderated by Almut Möller, head of the Alfred von Oppenheim Center for European Policy Studies, and Roderick Parkes, head of the SWP’s Brussels office, EU experts from ten European countries came together to discuss how Germany’s European Policy is viewed in their respective countries. They also touched on how Germany views the EU in a number of policy areas.

The workshop was part of an EPIN project on Germany’s European Policy. Results will be published in a working paper in the spring of 2012.

EPIN is a network of more than thirty think tanks and policy institutes in the EU and other European countries focusing on current EU and European political and policy debates. EPIN aims to contribute to the debate on the future of Europe through up-to-the minute expert analysis and commentary and by providing easy access to understanding the different national debates. EPIN is coordinated by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.


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