New Challenges for Cooperation

The third seminar of the Franco-German Future Dialogue

13/10/2011 - 16/10/2011 | 09:00 - 19:00 | | Invitation only

Category: France

How will cooperation between Germany and France look under the French G20 presidency? How will the strategic culture of both countries evolve in the face of emerging geopolitical challenges? How will France and Germany coordinate with each other during negotiations on the new EU financial framework? And how will Germany and France position themselves in relation to the “new Turkey” and the emerging world power India? These questions were discussed by the participants in the third seminar of the Franco-German Future Dialogue held in Paris.

During a guiding tour of “Paris arabe” and a visit to the Grand Mosquée, the participants had the chance to discuss the Arab Spring, which was also thoroughly discussed during the second seminar. A reading by the Tunisian writer Tahar Bekri was followed by a discussion, which provided the participants with a deeper insight on the topic. The seminar concluded with an alumni meeting featuring previous participants of the program.

The annual Franco-German Future Dialogue, organized collectively by the DGAP, the Institut français des relations internationales, and the Robert Bosch Foundation, brings together 20 young professionals from Germany and France. Over the course of three meetings, they discuss the latest developments in German, French, and European politics.

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