Is the libray accessable to everybody?

Yes. We are a Special Library, but with public access. The Library can be used by everyone. Library users who only want to visit our reading room to check the current journals are welcome.

Is it necessary to register before visiting the library?

No. The library has continous opening hours also during the semester and school break. Because there is only one copy machine available, there could be more or less busy times.

Is it possible to join a library introduction?

Yes. There is always a personal library introduction right before your first use of the library. Arrangements can be made for groups.

Is the library catalogue accesible in the www?

Yes. The Collection since 1991 of the Library is searchable through the Karlsruher Virtuellen Katalog (in German) http://www.ubka.uni-karlsruhe.de/kvk/iblk/

Is it possible to loan books and journals?

No. As a rule books cannot be taken out on loan. We are a reference library. The advantage of a reference library is, that the whole collection is always availabe to everybody. But there are facilities for photocopying and a reader printer is available for microfilm and microfiche.

Is it possible to request materials?

No. We do not send any materials. If you are interested in EU materials please contact:

Europäisches Informationszentrum
Bundesallee 22
D-10717 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 – 884 12211
Fax: +49 30 – 884 112224

For ordering articles please first pay attention to our shipping instructions. We do not make inter-library loans.

What does IBLK mean?

IBLK is the abbreviation of our database „Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde“ (International Relations and Area Studies). The database is one of the largest bibliographical database in social sciences in Europe. The database provides specialized information chiefly for those involved in research and politics, but also for the public.

What does FIV mean?

FIV stands for Fachinformationsverbund. A specialized Information Network for International Relations and Area Studies. It is a consortium of 11 independent German research institutes aimed at the establishment for common information resources.

What does BiDok mean?

BiDok ist the abbreviation of „Bibliothek und Dokumentationsstelle“ = Library and Documentaton Centre

What is the KVK?

The „Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog“ (KVK) is a Meta-Catalogue comprising more than 75 Mio. Books and Journals from Libraries worldwide.The IBLK is part of it.


  • Bibliothek und Dokumentations-
    stelle of the DGAP e.V.

    Rauchstraße 17/18

    10787 Berlin

    Tel.: +49 (0)30 25 42 31-0

    Fax: +49 (0)30 25 42 31-16



Opening hours

  • Monday, Thursday:

    09.30 - 16.30 pm

  • Tuesday, Wednesday:

    09.30 - 20.00 pm

  • Friday:

    09.30 - 15.00 pm