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Elysée Treaty Turns 50: Golden Anniversary Hangover
Elysée Treaty Turns 50: Golden Anniversary Hangover

The current imbalance in Franco-German relations hurts everyone

22/01/2013 | by Claire Demesmay, Ronja Kempin | Western Europe, Bilateral Relations

A crisis in Franco-German relations has arrived, just in time for the celebration of 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. This cannot be chalked up to the weakness of the French economy alone; the focus on budgetary questions inside the relationship has also advanced the inequality. Three recommendations to rekindle the romance between these two partners

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London Is Calling, But not Getting Through
London Is Calling, But not Getting Through

Germans prove to be less than receptive to British efforts to debate Europe

26/10/2012 | by Almut Möller | Germany, European Union

Londoners are flocking to Berlin these days. During the last two years the Brits calling Berlin or stopping by to chat with Berlin’s political analysts seemed to mostly come from the financial sector. But as eurozone governments have begun transitioning from crisis mode into the messy business of sorting out the longer-term fixes, it’s now Britain's politicians who are showing up in Berlin to discuss Europe.


Flirting with Beijing
While EU leaders struggle with the eurozone crisis, China focuses its attention on Germany
30/08/2012 | by Derek Scally
Chancellor Merkel, with a big delegation in tow, is on another government consultation in Beijing, the second trip to China this year. With German exports to China rising, Chinese investments in Germany growing, and Germany's European partners struggling - European nerves are unsettled by this Berlin-Beijing courtship.
Category German Foreign Policy, Bilateral Relations, European Union, Germany, China
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