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If America Won't, Germany Must

A globalizing world needs a new economic hegemon

01/08/2005 | by Adam S. Posen | Germany, Economy and Currency

An economic hegemon is a land that is big enough economically and gains enough from an international regime itself, even if no other country contributes. Germany was the nice guy who picked up the EU check. Now it should do the same for the globe.

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An Empire of Law and Consensus

A call for a Europe–and Europeans–beyond the nation-state

01/02/2005 | by Ulrich Beck | Europe, European Union

Europe can become neither a state nor a nation–and it won’t. Hence it cannot be thought of in terms of the nation-state. The path to the unification of Europe leads not through uniformity but rather through acknowledgment of its national particularities. Diversity is the very source of Europe’s potential creativity. The solution to national problems lies only in European interaction.


Failure in the Third Generation
Why should the grandsons favor more European integration?
01/02/2005 | by Kiran Klaus Patel
The main problem of the EU is its unprecedented success. The founding fathers sought above all to eliminate war from a bloody continent. Their project succeeded so well that peace is now taken for granted. The average European is no longer grateful that war has been made unthinkable.
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