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Niche Diplomacy at Work
Niche Diplomacy at Work

Germany's role in European-Chinese relations

27/11/2014 | by Sebastian Heilmann | China, German Foreign Policy

Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, Chinese foreign policy is becoming more ambitious. Consequently, new China policies are needed around the globe. Taking a reality check, Berlin, in particular, will have to come up with creative responses. As long as it keeps its competitive edge, however, Germany, and Europe in general, should be able to build on past niche diplomacy.

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Time to Find Common Ground
Time to Find Common Ground

Why the Ukraine crisis would be a good starting point for closer German-Chinese cooperation

27/11/2014 | by Jing Huang | Ukraine, International Policy/Relations

China may have cut an energy deal with Russia, but its long-term interests are not well served by President Vladimir Putin’s policies. On the contrary, Beijing benefits from a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis, not least for domestic reasons. The United States, however, cannot be a partner, which leaves Europe – and especially Germany.


United in Reluctance
How the Syrian crisis might transform the West
02/09/2013 | by Josef Janning
While human suffering continues in Syria, the Western response to the probable use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on August 21 reveals a continued transformation of what used to be the West.
Category International Policy/Relations, Syria, Europe, United States of America
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