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German Self-Definition Against the US

America’s one-time protégé turns against its patron

01/11/2005 | by Richard Herzinger | Germany, Germany - USA

Why has the mood in Germany turned so vehemently against the United States? The usual answer is George W. Bush. On closer examination, however, this does not fly. Opposing Bush’s war plans in Iraq did not require siding with France in an outright showdown with the US.

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Searching for a Grand Strategy

A scorecard on seven turbulent years of red-green foreign policy

01/02/2005 | by Joachim Krause | Germany, German Foreign Policy

As the outgoing Social Democratic-Green government hands the reins over to the conservative-Social Democratic “grand” coalition, it’s time to assess red-green foreign policy over the last seven years. The good news is Germany’s participation today in international intervention. The bad news is a lingering desire to cock a snook at the United States.


Germany’s Conditional Solidarity
Good relations with the US are a bedrock policy. But...
01/01/2005 | by Harald Müller
Sorry. Germany’s support for the US cannot be unconditional. Chancellor Schröder’s instinct was right in saying it was, in the wake of 9/11. But we cannot abandon the democratic principles the US taught us and we have internalized, especially in issues of war and peace. We are not vassals.
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If the United States Won’t, Germany Must
01/02/2004 | by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Europe should be the counterpoint to the United States’ militaristic approach, but Europe is divided and Germany’s own role in promoting peaceful solutions to global instability has been much too quiet.
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