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The Time To Act Has Come
The Time To Act Has Come

The impetus for European security policy

18/09/2012 | by Andreas Schockenhoff, Roderich Kiesewetter | Germany, CFSP/CSDP

The debt crisis and efforts to save the euro are overshadowing necessary reforms to Europe’s energy policy and the further expansion of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. However, the EU’s credibility in terms of its ability to take effective action depends on the coherent coordination of monetary, energy, and security policy issues.

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Guts, And Some Glory

German President Joachim Gauck confronts a controversial topic

26/06/2012 | by Luisa Seeling | Germany, German Armed Forces

During a visit to the Bundeswehr’s Führungsakademie in Hamburg, German President Joachim Gauck was quite upfront. He called upon the country to develop a more positive attitude toward military missions abroad and criticized the German tendency of “not wanting to know.” Gauck took his chances on a delicate issue to spur a debate on German security policy, which is still notable mostly for its absence. Outspokenness seems to be his strategy, and so far, it has been successful.


Half a Century of the Bundeswehr
Fifty years later, the German armed forces look very different
01/11/2005 | by Karl Feldmeyer
The Bundeswehr has been transformed in the past decade. Fifty years ago it started out with a mission of territorial defense–and avoided military involvement in the campaigns of its major allies. After unification and the end of the cold war, however, it routinely joins operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Yet even as the Bundeswehr’s mission has expanded, its numbers and its budget have shrunk.
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