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The Primacy of Economic Interests
The Primacy of Economic Interests

Economic interests trump security and challenge Western unity

15/11/2012 | by Michael Rühle | Worldwide, Security

As traditional security policy is superseded by economic and energy interests, we must begin to discuss the “economization of security policy” – the implications of which go far beyond the current global financial crisis and its effects on the security policy of the West. One voice inside NATO describes what needs to be done to ensure that this commercialization of security will still allow the friendly member countries of NATO and the EU to avoid 21st century conflicts and to continue to act collectively.

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German Self-Definition Against the US

America’s one-time protégé turns against its patron

01/11/2005 | by Richard Herzinger | Germany, Germany - USA

Why has the mood in Germany turned so vehemently against the United States? The usual answer is George W. Bush. On closer examination, however, this does not fly. Opposing Bush’s war plans in Iraq did not require siding with France in an outright showdown with the US.


Berlin and the New Transatlantic Agenda
01/08/2005 | by F. Stephen Larrabee
US-European relations are improving under Bush II; here's what Germany can do to help.
Category Conflicts and Strategies, Security, European Union, Military Capacity, United States of America, Europe, Germany, Geographical areas (transnational) and organizations of the Near and Middle East/Northern Africa East/Northern Africa
East Asian Arms Races- and Cooperation
Growth of weapons heightens tensions, but can spur mutual aid
01/08/2005 | by Frank Umbach
In the past decade global arms sales increased an average 3 percent–but East Asian arms purchases shot up 22 percent. Yet collective security arrangements are also springing up. The policy balance is a tricky one.
Category Organization of Military Defence, Military Capacity, Arms Trade, Security, Transatlantic Relations, East Asia, United States of America