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Dayton at Ten: A View from Washington

In solving global problems, US leadership is indispensable

01/02/2005 | by Derek Chollet | South-East Europe, Security

Dayton was a “maximalist” agreement; it created a bold blueprint for a new state. Yet many areas of Dayton’s implementation have suffered from “minimalism,” whether because of the limits placed on the instruments the agreement created for implementation, or because those responsible for implementation have interpreted their powers narrowly.

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On Religitimizing Torture

01/08/2004 | by Jan Philipp Reemtsma | Worldwide, Human Rights

The disturbing Abu Ghraib photos remind us: Nothing justifies the use of torture in a democracy. No short-term gain, however urgent the cause, is worth undermining the bedrock democratic guarantee of rule of law and individual autonomy. Criminals and suspects may legitimately be incarcerated, but they may not be enslaved. They may be pressed to confess, but not physically coerced to do so. Whenever people are treated in a way that deprives them of their capacity to dissent, our very civilization is put at risk.