Resources and Energy


“There is some strategic interest in renewables”
Kelly Sims Gallagher on the prospects for a renewable future
21/03/2012 | by Kelly Sims Gallagher
New investments in China and the Middle East have demonstrated a developing strategic interest in renewable energies. Yet every country still faces obstacles: be it legislation in the United States or enforcement and rapid development in China. Kelly Sims Gallagher of the Fletcher School at Tufts University sits down with IP to talk about the future of energy policy and its effects on foreign relations.
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A New Great Game
The E.U., China, and the era of energy imperialism
01/05/2010 | by Friedbert Pflüger
The dominant conflict in geopolitics in this century is the scramble for energy, raw materials, and water. The nationalism, colonialism and imperialism of the 19th century is back. Europe has to engage strategically in competition for scarce resources as the world population—and its energy demands—continue to grow.
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Endgame in the Balkans
Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and even Kosovo are now moving
01/02/2005 | by Borut Grgic
After five years in legal limbo, Kosovo is now set to get its “final status” clarified, in talks that will start in a few weeks. The interlocutors will be the Kosovar Albanians, the Serbian government, and internationals led by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. Simultaneously, Croatia is starting negotiations about EU membership, and Serbia and Bosnia are starting talks with the EU on Stabilization and Association Agreements.
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Sub-Saharan Africa
01/05/2004 | by Helmut Strizek
Sub-Saharan Africa is in far deeper trouble than it should be. Although this region does have substantial natural deficits, its greatest disadvantages are man-made: failing governance, war, and harmful outside meddling.
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