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Faint Praise for EU Climate Diplomacy
Faint Praise for EU Climate Diplomacy

EU and German efforts fall short in Doha

13/12/2012 | by Paul Hockenos | Near and Middle East/North Africa, Climate and Environment

The EU did more than just about anyone else at the recent UN climate summit in Doha to make progress on an array of issues that could slow global warming. But this praise is consciously faint. The meager steps forward in Qatar – like the formulation of a successor treaty to Kyoto – won’t keep global temperatures from rising less than 2 degrees in coming decades or coastal states from being swallowed up by the Pacific.

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Energiewende in Icelandic
Energiewende in Icelandic

Best practices from the north

31/10/2012 | by Paul Hockenos | Germany, Resources and Energy

The Nordic countries have been at the business of renewable energy longer than Germany – and they have a lot to show for it. In fact, their supplies of renewable energies proportionally surpass those of the Germans' hands down; their energy prices are lower; and most of them export clean energy.


Transitioning to Renewable Energy
Can Germany Do It Alone?
24/10/2012 | by Paul Hockenos
At a time when German politicians are questioning whether Germany is on the right path, it’s worth underscoring that the process of energy transition involves its entire European neighborhood.
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Germany Opens Its Doors to Household Energy Consultants
Federal government supports the Energiewende through consumer-oriented measures
16/10/2012 | by Paul Hockenos
The math is simple: Nearly every study concludes that consumer-oriented energy savings measures pay off. In order to increase energy-saving measures across the country and reduce the up-front cost for individuals, Germany is subsidizing energy consultancy in private households–and considers contributing to the purchase of big-ticket appliances in order to meet its 2020 targets.
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Who Owns the Sea?
As the world’s seas become the last frontier, who is the sheriff?
01/02/2005 | by Charles Clover
The idea of the sea as a common, owned by all, has slowly been supplanted by the reality that the sea belongs to those who use it–mostly for financial gain. Why not give these fishermen ownership rights–and the responsibilities that go with them?
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"Robust ecosystems are no luxury"
Klaus Töpfer talks to IP
01/01/2005 | by Klaus Töpfer
The former German Environment Minister speaks with IP about the Southeast Asia tsunami, what environmental lessons we can learn from it, and the Kyoto Accord's future.
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