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Model or Maverick?
Model or Maverick?

Peter Altmaier and Günther Oettinger discuss Europe’s Energiewende

06/12/2012 | by Peter Altmaier, Günther Oettinger | Geographical areas of Europe, Resources and Energy

The EU plans to modernize its public power supply, to create an integrated energy infrastructure, and to take the leap into the era of renewable energy. Is Europe on the right track? And what is Germany’s role? Here are three questions for the Federal Minister for the Environment Peter Altmaier and European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger.

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Grasping at Goethe
Grasping at Goethe

What Faustian conclusions can and cannot explain about the euro crisis.

03/12/2012 | by Derek Scally | Geographical areas of Europe, European Union

From Germany’s hard left to the ordoliberal right of the Bundesbank, Goethe offers something for everyone as Germany grapples to understand the euro crisis debate. But is the man himself a model of Germanic thrift or a warning of Greek profligacy? Could his texts be the key to understanding the tortured German euro crisis response?


Berlin Getting Into Election Gear
Can the polls be won on the euro rescue?
03/12/2012 | by Almut Möller
Clearly, the future still does not look rosy for the Eurozone. But three years into the euro crisis, Angela Merkel, whose global recognition has skyrocketed in the course of the crisis, remains in surprisingly good shape. As many times as worries that the euro rescue will ultimately fail might have kept her up at night over this past year — she doesn’t look it.
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Goodbye London
If Britain insists on leaving the Union, it should do so gracefully
29/11/2012 | by Roderick Parkes
British elites have quite suddenly become comfortable with the idea of the UK exiting the European Union in the next few years, and their counterparts on the European mainland seem to have accepted the prospect as well. Continental leaders will not bear Britain ill-will for leaving, at least not if London does it right.
Category European Union, Geographical areas of Europe, Western Europe, United Kingdom
Europe's Budget Wrangling
A lesson in irrationality
30/10/2012 | by Polish Institute of International Affairs
It is not just that the negotiations are highly complex and have many moving parts, or that they condense long-term guesswork about the world in 2020 into a single, big-bang decision. It is that an irrational outcome has essentially been preprogramed.
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London Is Calling, But not Getting Through
Germans prove to be less than receptive to British efforts to debate Europe
26/10/2012 | by Almut Möller
Londoners are flocking to Berlin these days. During the last two years the Brits calling Berlin or stopping by to chat with Berlin’s political analysts seemed to mostly come from the financial sector. But as eurozone governments have begun transitioning from crisis mode into the messy business of sorting out the longer-term fixes, it’s now Britain's politicians who are showing up in Berlin to discuss Europe.
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Après le Déluge
01/11/2005 | by Giuliano Amato
It is Europe that has been criticized, not its constitution. But the EU's life must go on.
Category Institutions of the EU, European Union, Geographical areas of Europe
Reform the EU Budget Now!
The CAP, structural funds, and financial justice
01/11/2005 | by Daniel Gros
The EU budget no longer reflects the Union’s main missions and policy goals. In the past, behind farm and regional aid, the items that now dominate allocations, lay the perception that Europe had to ensure its own food supplies and that poorer members had to be bribed to join.
Category Budget, European Union, Geographical areas of Europe
No Alternative to the Euro
The poor euro is a scapegoat for everything, for everybody, everywhere. But the little fellow’s doing just fine, thank y
01/11/2005 | by Norbert Walter
Poor euro. Not welcome on the block. Greeted in the womb as a soon-to-be-stillborn. Feared to be a deprivation for owners of the “good old national money” it replaced. Caricatured as the “teuro” (cost-inflating euro) despite conspicuously lower inflation in the euro era than in the decades before. Belittled in 2000 to 2002 because of its declining external value (versus the US dollar).
Category Economy and Currency, European Union, Trade, Finance, Economy and Finance, Geographical areas of Europe
Global Democracy and the European Model
01/08/2004 | by George A. Papandreou
In the 21st century globalization has become the new political and ideological battleground. It is a source of economic, cultural and social wealth; it encourages diversity, openness, and freedom.
Category European Union, Institutions of the EU, Geographical areas of Europe
EU at 25—Shaping the Future
01/08/2004 | by Werner Weidenfeld, Josef Janning
As the EU reaches 25 members, it is time to revisit the prospect of a single EU constitution.
Category Institutions of the EU, European Union, Enlargement Process, Geographical areas of Europe
Czech Views on European Security
01/08/2004 | by Jan Winkler, Jaroslav Kurfürst
The Czechs too have written a new security strategy—and demonstrated that their, Europe’s, and America’s strategic statements are parallel and compatible. “Old” and “new” Europe should not fall into the contrary assumption that their approaches must clash.
Category European Union, CFSP, CFSP/CSDP, Geographical areas of Europe, Czech Republic
The Cyprus Phoenix
01/05/2004 | by Philippos Savvides
The phoenix is once again rising out of the ashes of the failed Cyprus talks. A year after Turkish and Greek Cypriot negotiators walked out on the draft United Nations plan for reuniting the divided island, the leaders of the two communities have resumed their contacts on the basis of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s comprehensive proposal of a loose federation.
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